My New Adana 8×5


My Adana 8x5

I am now the proud owner of an Adana 8×5. I bought it from The Old Printing Shop which is run by a father (Michael) and son (Daniel). They have a fantastic collection of old letterpress blocks and wooden type and both are very knowledgable and a pleasure to do business with. It was good to buy it from people with many years experience of printing.

Thankfully it is possible to download the Adana Eight Five Instruction Manual from the Briar Press website so I spent the morning reading it and cleaning and oiling my new pride and joy. It was pretty dirty but cleaned up really well and a good squirt of WD40 in the (12) oil holes certainly made it feel a lot smoother. One of the screws from the lay gauge is missing so I’ll have to try and sort that out. I gave the rollers a good wipe with white spirit and am storing them propped up on wooden blocks so they don’t become dented or flattened. My print room is in the conservatory which gets very cold in the winter and very sunny in the summer. Extremes of temperature and sunlight are bad for the rollers so they’ll be kept in the house when not in use.

I havent bought any type yet as I’m going to start off printing blocks and photopolymer or magnesium plates. It also means I need slightly less equipment for now. I have got a chase, furniture, quoins and key, so just need to get some ink, paper, a small roller, a plate glass slab (for inking up) and get some plates made up and I’ll be off!


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