Developing the Inky Dog Press logo

The first thing I thought I’d do was develop the Inky Dog Press logo with the view to getting a magnesium plate made of it. I have been inspired by hand lettering in several design books and wanted the logo to feature some hand lettering and a simple line drawing of my dog, Figo, a Portuguese Water Dog. I really like the old wild west fonts so I started by setting the words ‘inky dog press’ in a variety of fonts to see how it would look. I liked the fairly condensed light slab font so I got to work trying out how I could set out the words.

Trying out some fonts

Playing with hand lettering

Using a variety of pens and some tracing paper I began hand lettering in the style of my chosen font until I found a size and layout I liked. I also used a photo of Figo as the basis for a dog line drawing and looked at how I could combine it with the words. I liked the idea of an ink drawing so I dug out my old Rotring technical drawing pens, some Pilot calligraphy pens and also roped in a wonderful Venetian glass ink pen that you dip in ink. It has a fluted glass nib that directs just the right amount of ink onto the paper and looks beautiful. I showed my efforts to my judge and jury (my family) who all gave their two pennies worth of advice, my mum was particularly useful in pointing out that I had omitted Figo’s eye in my line drawing! Once this was rectified and I was happy with the design I scanned it into my computer at 1200dpi and opened it in Photoshop where I used the eraser tool to clean it up a bit and thin out a few lines where the ink had ‘blobbed’ (technical term here)… et voila!

Adding in the picture

My ink pens

Finished logo

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