Coat Hook Project

In a slight departure from printing brought on by a need to source some original and unique coat hooks for my hallway (unsuccessfully) I decided to make my own. I love the vintage industrial look that is popular at the moment and while I was searching online I was inspired by these ‘yardstick’ coat hooks (sadly no longer for sale by Keeping It Coastal on Etsy).

So I thought I’d try to find some interesting old yardsticks of my own, here in England, but with no luck. That’s the rub with vintage – you need to be forever hunting and gathering at fairs and car boot sales/yard sales – and you need patience to wait for the right thing to show up. But I wanted my coat hooks NOW, so I made my own – inspired by the yardstick coat rack – but simpler – more like a surveyor’s staff or a water depth measure – and here they are!


I started with a plain piece of brand new pine from the DIY store… if you’d like to know how I made the coat racks, read on…

First I darkened the new pine with a mix of raw umber pigment, PVA glue and water, so when I distress the paint later, the wood that shows through looks old.

Then I made a template for the ‘rulers’ on the computer using Adobe Illustrator and printed them out to match the size of the wood (by gluing several together).

Then I used the templates to mark up the wood and painted on the red and off-white stripes, using masking tape to get a good straight line.

Herre you can see the masking tape in place to paint the marks. I painted the numbers by hand after transferring the outlines to the wood from the template. I use Plaka Casein paints and signwriting brushes.

After the painting was finished I distressed them lightly with fine sandpaper and gave them a good coat of beeswax, which I polished up to a shine. I sourced the coat pegs online… they are nice reproduction ones with a dull black waxed finish, anything too shiny would look out of place. I drilled holes to attach them to the wall underneath the pegs so that the screws would be hidden.

The next part of the project is some shoe racks… I will post pics of these when they are done.


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