Ode to a Blank Sketchbook

I haven’t had a sketchbook for a while and I have loads of ideas swimming round in my head that I need to get down on paper, so I can come back to them later. However when I sat myself down with my brand new blank sketchbook I had a severe case of artist’s block so I decided to procrastinate a bit and write this Ode to a Blank Sketchbook instead.

Ode to a blank sketchbook

The pages white as cotton fleece

waiting for a masterpiece.

Coloured pencils in a row,

the perfect pen for creative flow.

I stare a while in consternation,

waiting for some inspiration.

I have this vision in my head

of the finished sketchbook before me, spread

with every wonderful idea

beautifully illustrated, without the fear

that my work just isn’t at a level

that marks it out as something special

Some artists post their sketches on the world wide web

with inspiring blogs or photostreams, where creative wings are spread.

Others have their sketchbooks featured in a magazine,

each page a mini work of art, of which I can but dream.

If I could look inside their books, would I also find

sketches that the artist would prefer to keep unsigned?

What about the telltale signs of pages ripped away

with ideas that the artist was unable to portray?

I know I must let my expectations go

to let my creative juices flow,

to be brave enough to experiment

but I’m not sure I’ve got the temperament.

And now I must stop procrastinating…

writing this blog is strangely liberating!

I would love to hear from an other artists out there about their relationships with their sketchbooks and any tips on overcoming the creatively stifling desire to ‘get it right’ all the time!

Happy Sketching.

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