Custom Pewter Kitchen Cabinet Knobs

I have finally finished my kitchen. It was a long slog of sanding and painting but I am very happy with the result.

hand painted painted kitchen

The worst bit was re-aataching the cupboard doors after they had been painted. Suffice to say that I never want to see another kitchen cabinet hinge again! Whilst witnessing my sighs and mutterings (as I tried to get all the doors straight by adjusting one of three mysterious screws in each hinge) my husband helpfully suggested we ‘get a man in’. He is, of course a man himself, but although he has many talents, adjusting kitchen cabinet hinges isn’t one of them! I had got this far without ‘getting a man in’ and I wasn’t about to give up at the last hurdle.

farrow and ball painted kitchen

The cabinets were refinished in Farrow & Ball’s Bone – a lovely restful colour that is neither grey nor green.

I created some custom pewter knobs for the cupboard doors – each with a tiny pen & ink drawing, in the style of a victorian engraving, of animals, curios and household bits and pieces.

custom kitchen door knobs

Here are the whole set – all 21 of them!

bespoke pewter door pulspewter kitchen door knobcustom door pulls

If you are interested in finding out more about how I made them… read on!

pewter cupboard knob

I started with some customisable pewter knobs from The Crafty Store on Etsy. They have a flat recessed face that will accept a 25mm circular paper insert. This was covered with a glass cabochons (25mm domed discs of glass) which fit over the top of the paper insert to protect, and magnify, it.

mod podge

I also needed a 25mm circular punch, some of the wonderfully named Mod Podge (to seal the drawings) and Diamond Glaze (to glue it all together)

I drew the little pictures onto circles cut from wallpaper samples using my Rotring technical pens.

wallpaper samples

Here are some of them (I didnt use the letters in the end)!

pen and ink drawings

Each paper disc then had to be sealed with several coats of Mod Podge to prevent the colours from running or reacting with the metal. The inside of the pewter knobs were also sealed as sometimes the metal can cause discolouration. I then glued each paper disc to the flat side of the glass cabochon using a drop of Diamond Glaze. When it was dry the glass cabochon with the paper disc attached was glued into the pewter knob.

I had a lot of fun experimenting with different inserts…

custom cabinet knob ideas

I love some of the simple graphics – numbers and letters and the maps… but for my kitchen project I stuck with the pen & ink drawings as they complimented the look I was after.

set of custom pewter knobs

Time consuming but lots of fun!

So it is done at last and the tools are back where they belong – in the garage!

Now back to some printmaking!


14 thoughts on “Custom Pewter Kitchen Cabinet Knobs

  1. Having visited you when you had your old kitchen, this is a marvellous transformation. Just loved your cabinet knobs with the fantastic little drawings…. was amazed at how many procedures there were before they were complete. What patience!

  2. Please can you help your kitchen knobs are exactly what I am looking for ? Would you be able to sell me some of those little drawings I need45 knobs but I don’t know if I could drawer as well as you. Think I have found the place where you got the knobs any help/ advice would be greatly appreciated and well done what a fantastic idea.

    • hello elaine and thank you for your kind words about my custom made knobs… i would love to be able to help but the drawings were quite time consuming and 45 is rather a lot… i’m afraid i dont have the time to do them for you as there are already not enough hours in my day! there are lots of lovely craft papers online and in hobbycraft stores which would make lovely inserts too for the knobs… or there are some fab wrapping papers around that would also look great… sorry not to be able to help and all the best with the project

      • Thank you anyway if you don’t mind I am going to borrow your lovely idea. I will have a go. Thanks again. Elaine x

  3. So delighted to find this post while searching for F&B’s Bone- we’re in the process of buying an older home with tired cabinets, and this post might have swayed me to try painting them. And those knobs- they’re divine!

  4. Thank you for this tutorial, I have had it bookmarked for a long time. I am trying to make my own knobs right now, I’m using them as hooks though, for a hanging wall organizer. Did you find that the diamond glaze prevented bubbles from forming or weird discolorations? I used the clear tacky glue and I have bubble stuck between my glass and my drawing.

    • Hi Ayun. The cabinet knobs have held up over time really well …no problems at all with daily use… I used a special clear glue called diamond glaze to glue the cabochons onto the metal knobs. Hope this helps. Best, Debbie.

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