Linocut Dogs & Ephemera Collage

Just thought I’d give you a heads up on my latest print making experiments…

I have been playing with some linocut dogs:

linocut printed dogs by debbie kendall of the enlightened hound

It took quite a lot of experimentation to get the fur looking right!

And also I have been making some collages out of my collection of old pharmacy medicine bottle labels…

Pharmacy Label Collage by Debbie Kendall

I love the old handwriting script typefaces – so elegant and a nice contrast to the simple block capitals that are also popular on these old labels.

I will be bringing these two elements together in my next piece of work with some more typography!


Hand made picture frames

I have been looking for ages to find some frames to fit my prints that are something different from the ‘off the shelf’ ready made frames and mouldings available. There are lots of vintage frames around in antique shops and charity shops but it is rare to find one of the correct proportions for my prints and cutting them down is not an easy task. After a long and fruitless search I have decided to make my own!

I was looking for a frame that has a rustic, reclaimed & hand painted look so my furniture painting skills have been put to good use – along with some newly honed woodworking skills!

Achieving good consistent mitre joints is challenging so I did invest in a specialist mitre saw (Nobex Proman 110)…


… and mitre guillotine (Orteguil ORC80) on which the blades – or knives- would slice through your hand like butter!


I am now producing some vintage style hand-made and hand-painted frames.

rustic handmade picture frames by debbie kendall

They are painted in chalky matt paint. The narrow inner moulding is in Old White and the main frame can be painted in a choice of neutral colours including taupe, grey and cream. The outer moulding face is left as a natural waxed wood finish for contrast.

vintage style hand made picture frames by debbie kendall

I am happy with the way my Canine Wisdom prints look in them. The vintage style and distressed hand painted finish complements the nostalgic feel of the prints perfectly.

canine wisdom print in handmade frame by the enlightened hound

The prints are now available to buy ready-framed through my website – something I have been asked for several times!

“Quintessentially British” Hand Lettered Print

Quintessentially British Print

A little while ago I created this hand lettered poster for a competition entitled “All Things British”.

It is now available to buy as a limited edition, fine art Giclee print. Each print is signed and numbered – there are only 20 prints in the edition – which means there will only ever be 20 of these prints – so snap one up quickly from The Enlightened Hound.

Giclée, is used to describe a fine art digital printing process, which combines superior pigment-based inks with high quality archival quality paper to achieve prints of the same archival quality, light fastness and stability as that demanded by galleries and museums.

The Quintessentially British prints are printed on thick (310gsm) Hahnemuhle natural white cotton rag paper.

Quintessentially British Poster hand lettering by Debbie Kendall

The hand lettered print celebrates the unique, quirky traditions and rituals that are quintessentially British –  in very patriotic colours – red, white and blue.

The paper size is approx. 395 x 565 mm and the image size is approx. 315 x 485 mm.

Ephemera Inspiration

I have caught the Ephemera bug! No it’s not some tropical disease but a passion for collecting old printed or written material.


Ephemera is defined as items designed to be useful or important for only a short time, for example pamphlets, notices, coupons, tickets etc. The irony that these items were never meant to be retained or preserved but are now eagerly sought after by collectors is not lost on me!

Taken for granted in their time, worthy of only a fleeting (if any) appreciation, each of these ‘throw away’ items is now a fascinating little slice of history and design. I wonder, if in years to come, people will collect our computer generated tickets, receipts and other printed papers with the same fervour?


So where do you go to start collecting ephemera? There is, of course, eBay which is a great source of ephemera but nothing beats the thrill of rummaging through odd and ends at the sharp end of a car boot fair or antique & collectors’ fairs. However finding ephemera at these fairs is a bit hit or miss so I visited an Ephemera Fair in London which was a lot of fun.


Some sellers had all their ephemera neatly sorted and packed in individually priced see-through bags but the ones I liked best were those who had cardboard boxes overflowing with loose scraps of prints, maps, pages from old books, leaflets and adverts etc. Prices ranged from £1 to hundreds.


I have a few ideas for incorporating some of these items into my printmaking and I am in danger of getting hooked on this addictive pastime. Watch this space!