The Painted Coast

I stumbled upon Ian Rawnsley’s fabulous and worthy Painted Coast project while I was browsing online.

In May 2013 Ian’s painting odyssey around the British Coast began. He undertook a visual journey around the varied and beautiful coast of the UK, from the rugged cliffs of Cornwall to the big skies of the Scottish Western Isles, and as he went Ian painted beautiful and atmospheric seascapes and coastal landscapes, which he is now selling to raise money for the cancer charity Macmillan.

He was inspired to do this wonderful project as a tribute to the loss of his dear friend, Henry James MacPherson Rooney (aka Mac) who fought cancer for many years.

He painted 100 oil on canvas works which he has named ‘The Wee Ones” as each one is 6 inches (15.4cm) square.

They cost just £50 each, of which 30% goes to Macmillan Cancer.

I bought these 2 for my husband’s birthday:

ian rawnsley painted coast project  ian rawnsley coastal painting

The first is Wester Ross (looking to Skye) and the second is Lydd, Kent

You can view the whole collection on Ian’s Flickr Stream and see which ones are still available.

Please support Ian’s wonderful project by sharing this post online, or better still by buying one of these Wee Beauties!


Portuguese Water Dog Art Print

I have been wanting to create something combining hand drawn lettering and illustration and I had in my mind an idea for a design based on a dog tag. In my recent post on Hand Lettering and Sketches I wrote about taking part in an online Hand Lettering project run by hand-drawn lettering and branding guru Jon Contino via the Skillshare website.

My original idea was making a new print in the form of a hang tag so I thought this course would be perfect to help me develop it. Most people on the course were designing labels for actual products, like bottles of beer or soap but the ‘product’ for which I was designing a label is a dog, or more accurately a specific dog breed…

Imagine a dog in a pound/shelter with a tag around its neck. The purpose of the tag (product label) is to give a prospective owner some information about the dog breed in the hope that they will rescue the dog. So it is really doing the same thing as a product label – trying to differentiate and tell a story of the product – but in this case a dog, rather than a botte of beer!

There’s a bit of Paddington Bear in this project too – the lost bear with a luggage label attached – entreating its finder to ‘look after this bear’.

Well my project has now come to fruition!  Of course I had to start with a Portuguese Water Dog as my dog, Figo is a ‘portie’.

portuguese water dog art print by debbie kendall

portuguese water dog art print hand lettered detail by debbie kendall

This illustration was too fine detail to be cut into a lino plate so I used a photopolymer plate instead which is capable of capturing much finer lines. Here is the plate…

photopolymer plate by the enlightened hound

I am intending to draw and print dog tag breed stories for other dog breeds… so watch this space for your breed!

portuguese water dog art print by the enlightened hound

These prints are on sale at The Enlightened Hound

If you know anyone with a Portuguese Water Dog, please point them in my direction. We ‘Portie’ owners love to meet each other!