Labrador Retriever “Dog Tag” print

Ta Da! Announcing a new addition to my series of Breed Story Dog Tag Prints. This latest one is for all you Labrador Lovers out there… and I know there’s a lot of you, as the Labrador is the number one breed in both the UK and the USA… and now I know why!

I had great fun researching the Labrador Print breed history for this latest print. They really are the most wonderfully versatile dogs and they definitely deserve their status as Top Dog (my Portuguese Water Dog can fortunately never read of my disloyalty!)

Labrador Retriever Print

Determination is one of the Labrador character traits on the print and funnily enough, the last couple of weeks on our daily walks, Figo and I have met some particularly determined Labs whose show of determination mainly related to stealing Figo’s ball and refusing to give it back! One lady tried to prise it from some very firmly clamped jaws (to no avail) and the others simply evaded capture, much to the embarrassment of their owners.

Labrador print lettering detail

Despite often seeing Labs as assistance dogs, it was not until I researched the breed in more detail that I realised just how many different ways Labs have been trained to help humans. These steady, soft-mouthed, warm hearted and waggy-tailed dogs are the perfect companion for so many people.

The prints combine my hand drawn lettering with illustration and they are each hand printed on my press in a chocolate brown ink Рand individually signed.

Framed labrador print

Available from The Enlightened Hound

The prints can also be purchased framed in a selection of my handmade reclaimed wooden frames, or they will fit happily in a ready made frame, like the Ikea Ribba (52x52cm square frame with matt/mount included).