The Whimsical Whippet Print

Here is the latest print in my series of Dog Tag prints that celebrate the story of a breed. This time it is the Whippet, and although I do not own a Whippet I do have rather a soft spot for them! I sometimes see a Whippet tearing across the common in my village and I love to see him, literally running like the wind, with reckless abandon.

The Oxford dictionary defines ‘whimsical’ as ‘playfully quaint or fanciful, especially in an appealing or amusing way’ and I feel that it sums up the Whippet perfectly. The Whippet has a wonderful history and, although there is no specific proof, it is thought to be an ancient breed, as Whippet-like dogs were depicted in the art of several ancient civilisations including the Romans and Ancient Egyptians.

Whippet Print by Debbie Kendall, The Enlightened Hound

As they are the fastest dogs, for their weight, they are the consummate sprinter and as such were prized by the British working classes  as racing dogs. At the end of the 19th century in Northern England and the Midlands, Whippet racing was taken extremely seriously, as a good racing Whippet could top up the family’s income quite significantly. Easier to come by and cheaper to buy and look after than a Greyhound, the Whippet was nicknamed the ‘poor man’s racehorse’.

Hand Lettered Whippet Print Detail by Debbie Kendall, The Enlightened Hound

They also made a useful poacher’s companion, being extremely adept at catching rabbits, yet small enough to hide under a coat. It is easy to see why these dogs were cherished by their families and were always given the choicest cuts of meat, even if the family had to ‘go without’.

Framed Whippet Print by The Enlightened Hound

Officially recognised as a breed in 1891, the Whippet with its affectionate, gentle nature, sleek, elegant lines and wise, soulful eyes is for me, a truly lovely dog.

Combining hand lettering and illustration and printed by hand on my press in a deep smoky blue/grey ink, each print is individually signed.

From The Enlightened Hound’s website.


Hand painted reclaimed frames for “Dog Tag” prints

I have spent the last week or so building up some stock of my hand made frames. I make them all out of reclaimed wood from my local wood recycling centre so each batch is different and depends on what wood they happen to have in stock. This time I got my hands on some lovely cedar, weathered pine and the last of the old roofing boards from the Sandhurst army base.

reclaimed wood picture frames by Debbie Kendall

Although the frames are quite time consuming to make they seem to complement the handmade, nostalgic feel of my prints and I’m told they get lots of compliments in the galleries that stock my work.

reclaimed pine picture frame detail  reclaimed whitewashed frame


handpainted picture frame handpainted picture frame

Here they are with my prints inside…

reclaimed pine frame with linoprint & collage by Debbie Kendall


Reclaimed pine roofing boards from Sandhurst army base

framed labrador print by Debbie Kendall, The Enlightened Hound


Hand-painted reclaimed cedar frame in chalky matt duck egg blue

hand painted picture frame with labrador print by the enlightened hound


Hand painted reclaimed cedar frame in chalky matt graphite

hand printed portuguese water dog print by debbie kendall


Hand painted whitewashed reclaimed pine frame

Available to buy from my website