Are you feeding your dog junk food?

I have always been interested in what I feed Figo and a recent visit to my local pet shop (Pets Corner) led me to try a couple of new foods and write a quick post about them.

Although I have experimented with a raw food diet and do agree with the principles, it doesn’t work for me for several reasons so I feed Figo a dry kibble. These are the main things I look for in a dry dog food:

1. Good quality source of named meats in the ingredients – at least the top 5 ingredients should be named meat or fish and the words ‘meal’ or ‘derivatives’ should not be part of them

2. No wheat, corn, maize or other grains.

3. Minimal quantities of other vegetable fillers such as potato and pea starch/fibre.

4. Produced at low temperatures. The majority of dry kibble is produced by a process called ‘extrusion’ which involves baking the ingredients into a pellet at very high temperatures. There has been a lot of publicity about the negative effect of high temperatures on fats plus the fact that most of the vitamins will have been destroyed at these temperatures.

5. Contains other organs e.g. heart, tripe, liver etc

I feed Figo Orijen Kibble which pretty much ticks all my boxes but it is also known for being one of the most expensive dry foods on the market.

Orijen Dog Food

However after my recent trip to Pets Corner I bought a small sack of Ziwi Peak. This is air dried fresh natural whole meat and goodness me, Figo does love it!

Ziwi Peak Dog Food

However if you thought Orijen was expensive then it is a bargain compared to Ziwi Peak!

I thought it would be interesting to work out how much it actually cost per day to feed Figo on each of these foods. Prices quoted for the food are regular RRP in the UK in March 2014, not special deals… so here goes:-

Orijen costs around £68 for a 13kg bag and the recommended amount of food per day for Figo (weight 25kg, moderately active) is 250g, which I split into 2 meals. Orijen is a very nutritionally dense food which means that you need to feed your dog less than many other poorer quality foods.

So each 13kg bag provides 52 days of meals at a cost of £1.30 per day

Ziwi Peak costs an eye watering £90 for a 5kg bag and the recommended amount of food per day for Figo is also 250g per day.

So each 5kg bag provides 20 days of meals at a cost of £4.50 per day.

It did make me wonder how Orijen compared with one of the cheap and popular brands of dog food – Bakers.

Bakers costs £28 for a 14kg bag and the recommended amount of food per day for Figo is 380g.

So each 14kg bag provides 37 days of meals at a cost of 76p per day.

Ok… so Figo probably wont be getting Ziwi Peak on a regular basis… but I was quite surprised, when I worked out the daily cost of Orijen. It was a lot less than I was expecting and I do feel that £1.30 per day is a fair price for a really top quality dog food. Although Bakers is quite a bit cheaper, I personally wouldn’t feed it to Figo if it was the last food on earth! If you want to know why then just read these articles:

All About Dog Food

Dog Listener – Stan Rawlinson

The dog food debate is really hotting up now in the UK and there have been a couple of new introductions to the market recently – they are ‘English Orijen’ equivalents (Orijen is made in Canada). They are Eden and Canagen. They both look pretty good alternatives and get good reviews. Eden has a lot more potato than Orijen and Canagen has a lower percentage of animal meat protein (65% vs Orijen’s 80%) but they still look be to excellent quality alternatives and a bit cheaper (Eden works out at  90p per day for Figo and Canagan at £1.21 per day)

I would love to hear what you all think.

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