About Me

Debbie Kendall ~ a potted chronological history!

Daughter, Student, Biologist, Marketing Manager, Wife, Interior Designer, Mother (2 Boys), Runner, Furniture Painter, Printmaker, Jewellery Designer, Author, Dog Owner (Portuguese Water Dog), Blogger.

my studio

Find out more about me and my work at The Enlightened Hound


9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello!

    I found you after doing many searches regarding my new Adana press. Im having some issues and wonder if you’d have a moment to offer any advice. Mainly regarding adjusting the type bed.

    Anna Kingsley
    Oakland, California USA

  2. Hi Debbie,
    I’m in the process of investing in a press. Please can you tell me which model of Rollaco press you have? I can’t tell if it’s a Boxer or Cachet. Many thanks.

  3. Thanks Debbie, they all look very big! Last question….do you have Woven or Felt blankets? I do mainly Lino prints.
    I love your work especially your use of text, it must take you hours!
    P.S. I have a Welsh Springer and an English Springer

  4. hi barbara … i use rubber backed blankets that are offcuts from commercial printers… i ‘m not sure where you can get them online as i sweet-talked my local print supply shop and they had some offcuts… i have used felt blankets for lino in the past at college though… thanks for your compliments about my work… the hand lettering does take a while! all the best to you and your springers!

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