Cockapoo Crush

Dogs Today magazine spotlighted the Cockapoo in their “Dog Crush” feature this month…

Dogs Today Feb 2015

…and, I’m happy to say, also featured my hand lettered Cockapoo “Dog Tag” print

The Enlightened Hound in Dogs Today

There were lots of interesting Cockapoo facts for prospective owners…

The most popular names are Ruby, Teddy, Alfie & Archie (I know a couple of those!)

The most common description of them in the magazine’s survey was “daft as a brush, but lovable” … although I think this might be an rose-tinted underestimation – as a cross between 2 pretty smart working dogs, cockapoos also have a reputation for being rather clever, particularly when it comes to pesky achievements like opening doors (which apparently 1 in 5 are able to do!)

Interestingly over 45% of owners had experienced prejudice over their choice of dog!

“Live and let live” is what I say.


Hyde Bark Dog Show and Fundraiser

On Saturday I had a stand at the Mayhew Animal Rescue Home’s fundraising event – the “Hyde Bark” in London’s Hyde Park.

The Enlightened Hound at The Hyde Bark

My pitch right by the Serpentine was lovely and the day was hugely enjoyable – more fun than the art/craft fairs I have done in the past – all due of course to the variety of 4 legged attendees!

I am happy to say that my hand-made stands and hand-painted signage worked nicely for hanging my prints and everything remained in place despite a few gusts of wind!

The enlightened hound's stand at the mayhew fair

the enlightened hound craft fair stand


It was great to meet some of the members of the Cockapoo Club who persuaded me to add Cockapoos to my series of “Dog Tag” prints. More pictures of me, the cockapoos and the event can be found on the cockapoo blog “Miss Darcy’s Adventures”.

Some other highlights included a huge Great Dane (named Jarvis) sniffing a tiny mottled Dachshund (named Blue Cheese!) … an elegant Afghan (which took me back to my childhood as an aunt of mine had one) … two little dachshunds named Beatrice and Audrey (such great names) and a lovely Catalan Sheepdog (who reminded me of my own Portuguese Water Dog).

It was lovely to meet everyone who stopped by my stand (both 2 legged and 4 legged). Thank you all for your your interest in my work and for the many people who signed my book with requests for “Dog Tag” prints of their breeds… most popular requests were Yorkie, French Bulldog and Beagles – they are all now on my list!

There was lots of entertainment to keep everyone amused… from agility to dog shows and heartwarming rescue stories from the Mayhew Rescue Home. Lots of fun had by all and all for a good cause!

New Galleries for The Enlightened Hound

A few more lovely new galleries and stores are stocking The Enlightened Hound’s prints this month.

Church Street Gallery Saffron Walden

Church Street Gallery in Saffron Walden. Essex

Whippet Grey Store

Whippet Grey in Old Amersham, Bucks – Also featured in their beautiful mail order catalogue:-

Whippet Grey 2014 catalogue

Whippet Grey Catalogue

and The Mere Gallery on Lake Windermere who specialise in British printmakers.

Mere Gallery

New Local Stockists

Now that my prints are available in handmade, reclaimed wooden frames, they are currently gracing the windows of a couple of chic boutique interior & gift shops locally.

First up is Story in Bray (Berkshire, UK), a lifestyle boutique in the Old Post Office building in the picturesque village of Bray. Owner, Lindy Harpham has great eye for desirable and highly individual accessories for the home and also stocks a carefully edited selection of gorgeous scarves and jewellery.

alphabet soup display  lights

Alphabet Soup in Great Missenden (Buckinghamshire, UK) is a fun and inspiring store, full of delightful gifts and treats. It stocks an eclectic mix of original art, restyled furniture, decorative home-wares and fabulous gifts and cards.

alphabet soup great missenden


My prints are also available in a lovely gallery in Barnstaple, Devon called  Atelier who specialise in affordable British contemporary art and crafts. The owner, Tracey Benton hand picks a diverse selection of handmade crafts from independent makers across the UK.

Atelier Craft Gallery Devon

If you dont’ live near to any of these places then you can, of course, still buy The Enlightened Hound’s prints and cards online.

Uppercase Magazine Press

I am, as they say, well chuffed, to be included in the wonderful design magazine, Uppercase  this quarter.

Uppercase Magazine Issue 17

In each issue the editors select 3 subscribers to profile based on their work and answers to deep and meaningful questions, specifically:

1. How creative are you in your daily life?

2. What are you most curious about?

3. What is your most prized possession?

4. What is you most favourite letter of the alphabet and why?

5. What is your favourite colour?

6. What is your preferred creative tool?

So here I am in Issue 17 (with Figo, my Portuguese Water Dog)!

Debbie Kendall in Uppercase magazine

Uppercase is a hugely inspirational design magazine which focuses on graphic design, illustration and crafting ~ the magazines’s tagline is “for the creative and curious”. Published quarterly, the magazine is beautifully presented and has an eclectic and imaginative mix of articles that spark the imagination, inspire and inform.

Often nostalgic, in this issue the magazine features scratch ‘n’ sniff stickers ~ what a trip down memory lane ~ and my two teenage boys didn’t even know what they were! Fortunately I could show them with the cherry scratch ‘n’ sniff postcards that came with this issue of Uppercase.

Ideally, go and buy the magazine from one of the worldwide stockists and be totally inspired by the wonderful content… but if you don’t manage to get hold of a copy and want to know my answers to those deep and meaningful questions ~ here they are!

How are you creative in your daily life? I have my best ideas on my morning walks with my dog, Figo. My phone has a voice recorder and I return each day with lots of audio notes. Walking in the countryside frees my mind from (self-induced) creative pressure and helps me think clearly. I spend the rest of my working day sketching up ideas, creating on my Apple Mac, printing in my studio and a surprisingly large amount of my time with my creative marketing hat on, for the business side of being a designer/maker.
What are you most curious about? The myriad of unlimited possibilities of printmaking. The timeless and unshakeable bond between humans and dogs. The stories behind other designer/makers journeys.
What is your most prized possession? Figo, my Portuguese Water Dog (named after Loius Figo – the Portuguese footballer!). He is always there, devoted and loyal, incredibly calming and very difficult to be anything by happy in his company. He is the inspiration for my printmaking.
What is your favourite letter of the alphabet and why? The capital ‘D’. Solid and upright yet vulnerable with its two rounded corners – give it a little push from the left and over it goes… the first letter of my name and for Dog.
What is your favourite colour? Sludge. What an onomatopoeic word! I love how it can’t be defined as green or brown or grey but is fabulous nondescript mixture of them all. It can be subtle and strong and a great foil for other brighter colours.
What is your preferred creative tool? My Swiss mushroom handled woodcarvers tools which I use for carving images on my linoleum printing plates. Deadly sharp & beautifully made.

Pattern & Print Exhibition at Jam Factory

My Canine Wisdom prints are currently part of the Travelling Tube’s Pattern & Print exhibition  on display at the ultra cool Jam Factory in Oxford, England (Jan -April 2013)

jam factory oxford
The Jam Factory is Frank Cooper’s old marmalade factory and is now a favourite destination for fresh food lovers and art enthusiasts in the historical city of Oxford.
Pattern & Print Exhibition
The Travelling Tube Gallery is the inspiration of curator Clare Eguchi and her Pattern & Print show is a touring exhibition which brings together a diverse group of nationally renowned artists displaying their latest works in the medium of print, from screen print to linocut, letterpress, and dry point. I am excited to be part of it.