Vintage Collectable Art for Dog Lovers

I’m always on the lookout for vintage dog-related bits and pieces but there’s not much out there that takes my fancy! As you may know from my printmaking work, I like pieces with a strong graphic element, however much of the dog related ephemera I’ve come across seems to be either very traditional or rather sentimental. It’s also interesting how dog breeds have changed in appearance over time and so some breeds now look quite different to how they were illustrated in days gone by. I’ve seen some lovely old vintage metal advertising signs for dog food (they are pretty hard to come by) but I’m keeping my eyes peeled!

What I have found though, are some wonderfully illustrated vintage magazine covers from Country Fair (published in the 1950s in the UK) with cover illustrations by Australian artist John Hanna…

Country Fair Bulldog John Hanna

Country Fair Magazine December 1955 Bulldog by John Hanna


Country Fair Magazine November 1954 Pointer by John Hanna

Country Fair Magazine November 1954 Pointer by John Hanna

and some New Yorker magazine covers (first published in 1925 and still going strong today) well known for its iconic covers commissioned by celebrated artists, illustrators and cartoonists…

Perfect for Bull Terrier lovers are the covers illustrated by cartoonist George Booth…

New Yorker magazine March 1979 White Bull Terrier & Cat by George Booth

New Yorker magazine March 1979 White Bull Terrier & Cat by George Booth

New Yorker magazine February 1976 White Bull Terrier and Cat by George Booth

New Yorker magazine February 1976 White Bull Terrier and Cat by George Booth

or this adorable dog, waiting for someone to come home or guarding the house… a Bulldog perhaps?

New Yorker magazine February 1974 Bulldog Waiting by George Booth

New Yorker magazine February 1974 Bulldog Waiting by George Booth

and these great illustrations of dogs in the dog park by Mark Ulrikson and Ana Juan


New Yorker magazine July 1995 Dog Park by Mark Ulrikson


New Yorker magazine February 2010 Dogs in Sweaters by Ana Juan

and this wonderfully atmospheric and humorous illustration of a man walking his dog in a blizzard by Eugene Mihaesco


New Yorker magazine February 1987 Man and Dog in Snow by Eugene Mihaesco

or this amusing scene by Andre Francois…


New Yorker magazine May 1973 Dog & Cat through a window by Andre Francois

I also managed to lay my hands on what I think is a page from the Tailwaggers’ Club magazine featuring the official Tailwaggers’ Club doggie merchandise. The Tailwaggers’ Club was started in 1928 to raise money for sick and injured dogs. They donated money to the Royal Veterinary College, raised from membership subscriptions. At its peak in the 1930s the club had over a million dogs as registered members!


Tail-waggers Club Doggy Equipment

Take a look at the vintage section on The Enlightened Hound’s website to see these (and hopefully other) interesting vintage doggy finds in the future.



An alternative dog portrait – Hounds in Verse

There are lots of amazing dog portrait artists out there and I am always amazed by the incredible variety of ways that you can choose to have your dog rendered as a piece of art, from collage to pencil, oils or charcoal, traditional or modern – the choice is endless.

But I wanted to create something a bit different and even more personal …The result is Hounds in Verse – an illustrated poem that celebrates the wonderful character of each dog and their special relationship with their human.

Each poem is written in rhyming couplets and is completely bespoke and unique to each dog. I create the poems from the wonderful stories that each dog owner shares with me in response to a special questionnaire that they receive when the poem is commissioned.

The poems are intended to be fun, whimsical, touching and humorous and each one is individually hand lettered and illustrated in ink on Japanese Hosho paper.

I feel very privileged to read about the wonderful relationship people have with their dogs and how it manifests itself in their everyday lives and it is enormous fun to recreate this bond as a poem.

Here’s the Hounds in Verse illustrated poem I wrote about my Portuguese Water Dog, Figo.

“A Portuguese name, Figo, we chose,
After a football legend (for those in the know).
And true to his namesake, he loves to play ball,
But the thrill of the chase is the best fun of all.

Squirrel and muntjac are hard to resist,
Dashing off through the woods, silent and swift.
Then, with a tail full of twigs and a coat full of burrs
He returns happy and panting, yet undeterred.

In Cornish coves, but once year,
His sandy paws a souvenir
Of endless beaches and summer days
Spent chasing gulls and jumping waves.

A sensitive boy who hates trouble and strife –
The peacekeeper in our family life.
He runs over, tail wagging, if voices are raised,
The perfect incentive to mend our ways.

When the biscuit tin opens, he’s straight through the door.
Though polite and persistent, we try to ignore
The quick poke of his nose and meaningful stare
That says, “Surely that food is meant to be shared”

He loves to join in the conversation
With an array of amusing vocalisations.
A printmakers dog, in the studio he’ll snooze,
Unaware that he’s an artist’s muse.

When it’s time to unwind at the end of the day,
He kneads his paws on the sofa in a certain way,
& while holding his “Mousey” (well loved and smelly),
He’ll nod off to dreamland, while we watch the telly.”

And here it is in the final pen & ink illustration:

Hounds in Verse Dog Portait

Figo poetic portraitPoetic Dog Portrait Lettering

To commission your own Hounds in Verse dog portrait or to find out more about the process visit The Enlightened Hound’s website.




The 12 Dogs of Christmas Card

I have been meaning to do a Christmas card for ages and then I usually leave it too late… but this year I’ve managed to get organised and have been busy illustrating and lettering to create ‘The 12 Dogs of Christmas”

12 dogs of christmas

It is a doggy twist on the cumulative song ‘The 12 days of Christmas’, dating from 1780!

dog christmas card christmas card for dog lovers

I have been reading lots of heart breaking stories on social media recently about unwanted and neglected dogs and the wonderful work so many people do to help them – from the large well known charities to devoted people who work many hours on a shoestring to rescue these poor animals.

So I am donating half the profits from the sale of these cards to a worthy doggy cause. I have asked my newsletter subscribers and Facebook followers for any recommendations of people or companies who make an outstanding contribution to dog rescue… please feel free to comment with any suggestions on this post too. I will post an update after Christmas on where the donation has gone.

christmas card illustrations illustrations of dogs

rescue dog illustration hand drawn dogs

The Christmas cards are printed in the UK on thick textured card and come with a festive red envelope.

They can be purchased in packs of 10 for £10, plus P&P from The Enlightened Hound