Border Terrier, Jack Russell and Cockapoo Prints

Been busy as a bee with 3 new prints in my “Dog Tag” series… The Border Terrier, The Jack Russell and The Cockapoo.

These prints are all hand lettered and illustrated and then printed individually by hand on my press in my studio, dutifully watched over by my Portuguese Water Dog, Figo.

First up the Border Terrier, printed in a soft blue-grey ink, inspired by the big skies of the Border Country.

Border Terrier Hand Lettered Print by Debbie Kendall The Enlightened Hound

These rough ‘tweedy’ coated working terriers hail from the area between England and Scotland called the Border Country, a dramatic hilly landscape of sweeping valleys, heather moorland and green forests where 18th century farmers and shepherds, in need of some help to control the local fox and vermin population, started breeding Border Terriers.

And the Cockapoo… printed in a soft apple green ink

Cockapoo print by The Enlightened Hound

The popular Cockapoo was probably the first deliberate cross breed with the first records dating back to 1960s, or possibly 1950s, America. The delightful result of this cross between a Cocker Spaniel and Poodle is a happy-go-lucky, smart and totally devoted companion.

And the Jack Russell (Parson Russell Terrier)… printed in an understated taupe-grey ink

Jack Russell Print by The Enlightened Hound

I really enjoyed researching these popular and feisty little dogs, with their long history of assisting people with hunting and vermin control. Their controversial and chequered past makes fascinating reading.

The story goes that the breed line was started way back in 1795 by the Reverend John (“Jack”) Russell, a parson with a passion for fox hunting and country pursuits. However he was vehemently against developing the Jack Russell to a standard as required by the Kennel Club for registration as he, and his sporting brethren, believed that developing a pedigree Jack Russell line would dilute the tenacious work ethic that these tough little dogs are known for.

But of course there were those who disagreed and sought to create a breed standard – now known as the Parson Russell Terrier – which is recognised by the Kennel Club.

Kennel club recognition aside, these larger-than-life dogs make great companions for people in all walks of life.

So this makes a total of 11 breeds now in my “Dog Tag” print series… the others are Labrador, Cocker Spaniel, Springer Spaniel, Pug, Golden Retriever, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Whippet & Portuguese Water Dog… take a look at them all on The Enlightened Hound’s Website.


New Canine Wisdom Mugs and Kitchen Towels

I have been busy creating designs for mugs and kitchen towels from my Canine Wisdom prints. They have at last come to fruition are on sale in the UK (mugs) and the USA (mugs and towels).

Rather confusingly the mugs are a different design in the UK and USA – this was because the companies involved each had their own ideas what would work best in their markets – and it wasn’t the same! Nevertheless, all the mugs feature the original dog secrets for happiness from my lino-prints.

Here they are  – nicely accessorized with a 12 week old Parsons Jack Russell – you can imagine the fun we had on that photo shoot!

Canine Wisdom Mugs

These are the USA mugs (above). There are 3 ceramic mugs in the set. They are a nice 15oz size and are dishwasher and microwave safe. They cost $14.99 from Kitchen Giftz (free shipping to USA/48).

Canine Wisdom Mugs UK

Set of Canine Wisdom Mugs

These are the UK mugs (above). There are 6 in the set in a colourful mix of navy, red, teal and spring green. They are made in Scotland from bone china and are available in 2 sizes (Standard £8.50 and Large £11.00) from McLaggan Smith Mugs. There is even the option to personalize them on the handle!

Canine Wisdom Kitchen Towels

These are the kitchen towels – only available in the USA. They are made in the USA of pure cotton and are generously sized at 18″ x 32″. Beautifully absorbent and lint free, you can get your hands on them at Kitchen Giftz where they cost $11.50 (free shipping to USA/48).

I hope they’ll make a delightful addition to any dog lover’s kitchen. They would also make the perfect gift for your dog loving friends and family. Let me know what you think.