Vintage Style Illustration and Hand-Lettering for Libelle Magazine

I was approached by Dutch weekly magazine Libelle to do some illustrations in the style of my Quintessentially British print, for a special London themed issue of their magazine .

Quintessentially British Print

The first one was to accompany an article about all the things we have to do in the course of our daily lives, such as washing and ironing, shopping, gardening, walking the dog etc.

Following the style of my Quintessentially British print, I combined vintage retro illustrations with hand drawn letters in a limited colour palette.

Magazine illustration and hand lettering

The second illustration was to do with London and some of the things that a visitor might like to see and do in the city.

London tourism illustration

The third illustration was a little more challenging as it was related to fashion… the challenge was to keep the vintage feel of the illustrations but without looking out of date with current fashion trends.

Fashion illustration and hand drawn letters

Really enjoyed this brief and being pushed to take an existing piece of work to a new level.




Developing the Inky Dog Press logo

The first thing I thought I’d do was develop the Inky Dog Press logo with the view to getting a magnesium plate made of it. I have been inspired by hand lettering in several design books and wanted the logo to feature some hand lettering and a simple line drawing of my dog, Figo, a Portuguese Water Dog. I really like the old wild west fonts so I started by setting the words ‘inky dog press’ in a variety of fonts to see how it would look. I liked the fairly condensed light slab font so I got to work trying out how I could set out the words.

Trying out some fonts

Playing with hand lettering

Using a variety of pens and some tracing paper I began hand lettering in the style of my chosen font until I found a size and layout I liked. I also used a photo of Figo as the basis for a dog line drawing and looked at how I could combine it with the words. I liked the idea of an ink drawing so I dug out my old Rotring technical drawing pens, some Pilot calligraphy pens and also roped in a wonderful Venetian glass ink pen that you dip in ink. It has a fluted glass nib that directs just the right amount of ink onto the paper and looks beautiful. I showed my efforts to my judge and jury (my family) who all gave their two pennies worth of advice, my mum was particularly useful in pointing out that I had omitted Figo’s eye in my line drawing! Once this was rectified and I¬†was happy with the design I scanned it into my computer at 1200dpi and opened it in Photoshop where I used the eraser tool to clean it up a bit and thin out a few lines where the ink had ‘blobbed’ (technical term here)… et voila!

Adding in the picture

My ink pens

Finished logo