Craft Fair Highlights

Well where did the summer go! I can’t believe my last post was in April, however I have had rather a lot on my plate over the last few months, mainly moving house, managing a loft extension and setting up a new studio, so printing has taken rather a back seat these last few months.

Now however I am chomping at the bit to get printing again, but first I’d thought I’d share some pictures of my first craft fair experience at the end of May at the Milton Keynes Handmade and Vintage Fair.

Here is how my stall looked on the day…

Enlightened Hound Stall

The main difficulty was working out how to display my prints unframed. I wanted them to be at eye level and I like the informality of how they look when they are pegged up to dry after printing, so I tried to recapture that with some easels I knocked up (actually painstakingly made with the help of my dad!) with some reclaimed wood from my loft extension.

Hand made rustic easel

My greeting cards were displayed in big square chunks of wood with a slot cut into the top for the card to sit in.

Jellycat dog

Stripey Jellycat Dog

I also accessorised the stand with a few adorable soft dogs form the wonderful Jellycat range. I was pleased with how it looked after all the hours of preparation.

It was a very early start to get the stall set up. It was in the atrium of a huge shopping centre which was bright and airy however it turned out to be the first really hot weekend of the year (after weeks of persistent rain) so attendance was not as good as previous events. Despite this my stand attracted lots of dog lovers and I hugely enjoyed hearing all their wonderful stories, from the banana eating Labrador to the German Shepherd who knew when his owner had been in a car crash even though they were miles apart at the time. The quirkiness and loyalty of dogs never ceases to delight and amaze me.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by and chatted and to those who bought my cards and prints. Many were bought as gifts for for dog owning friends and family and I hope the recipients were equally delighted.