Hand painted reclaimed frames for “Dog Tag” prints

I have spent the last week or so building up some stock of my hand made frames. I make them all out of reclaimed wood from my local wood recycling centre so each batch is different and depends on what wood they happen to have in stock. This time I got my hands on some lovely cedar, weathered pine and the last of the old roofing boards from the Sandhurst army base.

reclaimed wood picture frames by Debbie Kendall

Although the frames are quite time consuming to make they seem to complement the handmade, nostalgic feel of my prints and I’m told they get lots of compliments in the galleries that stock my work.

reclaimed pine picture frame detail  reclaimed whitewashed frame


handpainted picture frame handpainted picture frame

Here they are with my prints inside…

reclaimed pine frame with linoprint & collage by Debbie Kendall


Reclaimed pine roofing boards from Sandhurst army base

framed labrador print by Debbie Kendall, The Enlightened Hound


Hand-painted reclaimed cedar frame in chalky matt duck egg blue

hand painted picture frame with labrador print by the enlightened hound


Hand painted reclaimed cedar frame in chalky matt graphite

hand printed portuguese water dog print by debbie kendall


Hand painted whitewashed reclaimed pine frame

Available to buy from my website


A Dog is the Best Medicine

Ta Da! Here is my latest piece of work…

A dog is the best medicine linoprint and collage by debbie kendall

Ask any dog lover and they will tell you how good their dog makes them feel. Whether we are feeling sad, grumpy, irritable or under the weather, somehow dogs have the ability to make us feel better about life.

My dog, Figo, can immediately smooth over any family rift — at the first sign of raised voices he comes rushing over wagging his tail and never fails to get us all smiling again.
I created this print in honour of a dog’s gift to make us feel better, whatever our situation.

But there is something that makes this print really unique — it is printed onto an ephemera collage of vintage, original pharmacy labels from old medicine bottles. These are very collectable and have a wonderful array of old typefaces, both scripts and block letters. They are the lovely, aged, mellow colour of old parchment.

dog inspired linoprint detail on collage by debbie kendall

This is not a pre-printed digitally reproduced background – I make a unique, individual collage of actual, original labels for each print, so each one is different.There will only be 100 of these prints and each are individually signed and numbered on the reverse.

medicine bottle label collage by debbie kendall

The size of the paper (the labels go to the edge) is approx. 300 x 300 mm (11 3/4”) square.I have chosen to make frames for these prints out of reclaimed wood, which echoes the vintage appeal of the labels.

The frames are made from what ever wood I can source and each frame has its own pattern of knots, grain, dinks, scratches, nail heads, rusty staples, wonky edges and aged patina.

The size of the framed print is around 43 cms (17”) square.

reclaimed wood picture frame by debbie kendall  recalimed cedar wood picture frame by debbie kendall
Linoprint and collage in handmade frame by the enlightened hound
Prints come ready to hang and are fitted with crystal clear acrylic glass.
Available unframed or framed from the Enlightened Hound’s Website